Fall 2023 Transcendence Apprentice Program

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It is time for your Journey of Transcendence and to release the feelings and beliefs of physical limitations.

You are being called to step forth in your Love and Light.

Your soul is asking the question of your “Human self”, “Who are you?”… Pushing you to find the answer from the core of your being.

You are here to shine forth your true essence in our world.

This life expression is not defined by material possessions nor the conditions that create limitations and separate you from the YOU you’ve come to be.

It is a time for us all to recognize our inner strength, adopt our divinity, and identify our unique attributes.

The challenges of this lifetime are catalysts for personal transformation and push you to transcend beyond the limitations of human beliefs.

Step back into the ONENESS

Discover your unique blueprint and access the frequencies available for your life expression and manifestation.

Will you join me starting Thursday, September 28th for this POWERFUL seven-week experiential journey with Your Angels and Ascended Masters to align with your SOUL’S Expression in this lifetime and access your DIVINE abilities?

TOGETHER we stand in LIGHT

TOGETHER we stand in PEACE

TOGETHER we stand in LOVE

Yours in Service, Love and Light,



The Fall 2023 Transcendence Journey Apprentice Program™ is designed to assist you on your path. It is a safe container for self-realization, acceptance, emotional and spiritual expansion and deepening your relationship with your Creator.

This Fall 2023 Program will include these features:

14 hours of LIVE group training with me over 7 sessions

The ability to WATCH the class in the video replay. Not available on the day of the class? Not a problem! WATCH the REPLAY.

Program training materials and exercises


SarahSpiritual will teach the Program LIVE at the Expedito Enlightenment Center! Plus, we’ll be streaming the class video LIVE online with FULL audience participation. Ask questions, make comments and more!

Worried about missing a class?

You’ll have full access to class video replay and materials for any class you miss. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

I’m so honored and excited to be guiding you on your journey!

Yours in Service, Love and Light,




Fall 2023 Transcendence Journey Apprentice Program™

Class Dates and Descriptions


Healing Inner Orphans

Thurs., Sep. 28; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

You and your beautiful soul came to fulfil your contract on the earthly plane. Buried within you are fragments of you needing to be healed and be released.

Let’s release the fragmented orphans so you may express your true authenticity:

Learn HOW to heal the wounds.

Learn WHY you have your challenges and karmic entanglements.

Understand WHO is meant to be on your path.

Learn WHAT is necessary for your spiritual advancement.

Session 2: The SACRED FIRE and the POWER of Forgiveness

Sacred Fire

Thurs., Oct. 5; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Do you want to move forward in a particular area of your life yet you feel unable?

Learn how to free yourself from discord, irritation, resentment, criticism, condemnation, and self-pity.

Learn how to be aware of your inner critical communication, your conditioned thoughts, and identify the illusionary blocks that hinder fulfilled living.

FORGIVE and free yourself from the imperfections of life.

Learn to create the Light Circle of unconditional self-acceptance and unconditional Love.

Receive the SCEPTER of the SACRED FIRE in blessing.


Angel on Phone

Thurs., Oct. 12; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Direct connection and energy exchange with the Angelic Realm are essential to spiritual growth.

You’ll learn to clear energy blockages and forge a strong connection with the Archangels, the Angels of the Sacred Fire of Love, the Angelic host of the Violet Consuming Flame, the Angels of the Blue Flame and the Seven Mighty Elohim.

Learn how to connect with the ANGELIC REALM, activate their power in your life and receive their messages.

Let’s call VICTORY into action in your Life!

Session 4: Aligning with the Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Thurs., Oct. 19; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

On this Journey we are guided by Ascended Master St. Germain and other Ascended Master teachers.  Our Masters assist us in finding and living our purpose.

In this session you will:

Develop a strong connection with the Collective Ascended Masters.

Identify your Master teacher at this pivotal time in your life.

Learn to walk in the Energy of the Ascended Masters and the Collective Consciousness.

Learn the application of their teachings In your life.

Connect to the power of your I AM Presence.

Session 5: The SPIRIT CONNECTION and Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

Thurs., Oct. 26; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

In this powerful class, understand just HOW CONNECTED YOU ARE

WE will open the space to let the Masters and Angels speak through you.

Sarah will show you how to open your energy, receive clear messages and awaken your channeling abilities with Automatic Writing.

Learn how to express what you feel, see, hear and surrender to the flow of Divinity to allow messages to be recorded in the written word.

Each participant will be able to write

and share a message.

Session 6: Divine Supply – Abundant Living


Thurs., Nov. 2; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Understand the keys to being fulfilled and abundant during our current times of scarcity and lack.

Do you desire the limitless wealth and supply of every good to live in this world?

The Master teachers will teach of your GREAT CREATIVE POWER and the LAWS OF CREATION.

Learn how to tap into the Masters’ endless supply of Light for Manifestations.

Understand the DIVINE PLAN of your PRESENCE.

Learn how to remain in the stream of UNIVERSAL SUBSTANCE.

Session 7:  Mastering Healing Energy with Channeled Techniques from Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters

Archangel Michael Blue Flame Sword

Thurs., Nov. 9; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

In this final session we will awaken the Power of your soul and your HEALING FREQUENCIES.

We will now connect with Archangel Michael and the healing angelic host to make use of a powerful Energy Healing Technique.

Align with the SEVEN RAYS OF THE MASTERS for powerful transformation.

This Healing Energy is to awaken the Healer within you and for you to be of service to yourself and the Light.

In this session you will…

Activate the 7 Rays of the Ascended Masters and learn to work with their frequencies.

Utilize the Center’s Archangel Michael Crystal Grid as a portal for accessing and amplifying Healing Energy.

Learn to work with the DIVINE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Call upon the protection of the Archangels and invoke the Presence of God for the Healing.

Use Archangel Michael’s Blue Sword to cut cords of low vibrational energy causing the dis-ease.

Learn to use Pillars of Light to transmute and transform the energy around you, sending the Pillars out to transform and shift personal, local, national and international vibrations for the highest good.

Remember – Everything is Energy!

The Adepts, the Sages and the Masters have spent LIFETIMES mastering these practices & teachings. Deepen your understanding & knowledge during this experiential class!


 A program this intense requires advance planning tailored to the students who will be attending. Please let us know you’re interested by clicking the “I’m Interested!” link below!



Single and Multiple Payment Plans Available



Fall 2023 Transcendence Journey Apprentice Program

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1 Installment of only $277

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Fall 2023 Transcendence Journey Apprentice Program Installment Plan

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Second installment automatically paid 2 weeks after first installment

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Please note: Tuition is non-refundable but is transferable.



September 28 (Thursday) 7:30 pm - November 9 (Thursday) 7:30 pm



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4047 Okeechobee Blvd Suite 129, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

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  1. Tracie Dalessandro

    Can you tell me how to sign up for this program?

    • admin

      Tracie when you are on the main page and click the button that says “click here for more info on sarahspirituals apprentice program.
      Where the next page shows event details click the word “More” that will give you everything you need to know, as you scroll further down
      the page you will see…payment options…those are clickable links that take you to the payment part of it. If you have any further questions please


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