Spiritually Speaking… Journey to One’s Self
The journey to one’s self can be seemingly simple, yet for many it is a life altering experience. Since birth we are bombarded with information, words, and beliefs of our families or loved ones. We are almost programmed to imitate all we see and hear. During growth we develop ideas and images that often squash of our core self beliefs by seemingly well elders.

It is often at this juncture many natural or personal thoughts and feelings become squashed. Yet, the journey to one’s self continues. Our spirit once fresh and young with hopeful unabashed joy flickers within no longer fueling our driving self force.

As the child become a young adult memories of past lives often come in forms of dreams or fleeting moment of familiarity so many of us refer to as Deja vu . Some realize early on in life there is more, yet others continue the feeling of not belonging, we are living our life on others terms and conditions, not knowing how to feel complete. A sense of purpose, peace, fulfillment or intimacy is like chasing a butterfly on a summer’s day.

To find the Journey to one’s self is indeed a journey and the busier we are in our lives the less time we have to breathe, feel and see the clues left along our road of life. We hit road blocks and we are left perplexed as to how our lives became out of control, far from our once young innocent dreams.

It often requires a series of setbacks or even life altering tragedies which force us to stop and reevaluate where and more importantly who we are. As the flood gates open and emotions pour through our life force which sustains us, we struggle to push down our emotional energy, our inner spiritual core as we were trained early in life. We change what is tangible, our jobs, our spouses, our outward appearance. We trick ourselves with money, trinkets, clothing, fancy homes or cars all in the hope of creating a “life is wonderful appearance.”

Then one day, when you least expect, the inner voice screams erupting like a thousand year volcano begging to be heard, requesting permission to expose the you, the true you intended for this earth. It is those who listen to the pure messages of spirit and accept spiritual guidance that will begin to dissipate the madness and clear the negative fog before them. And that is when your journey, which began so long ago can blossom and fill you with spirit. To be filled with your spirit void of any preconceived labels or societal restrictions is to be one with your higher power.

Journey to One’s Self


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