Spiritually Speaking…
How do we return to Peace? The Peace of Our Creator, the Peace and stillness within?
I sat in prayerful meditation this morning and the Masters shared this guidance with me:

“The connectivity with the Divine self is found in one’s Heart. In the heart resides the eternal light and spark of God. The ability to be still, to practice forgiveness, gratitude and the recognition that all things great and small are a reflection of  Divinity brings forth an invincible power, the power of Love.
As each individual heals experiences and no longer carries the burden of the discontentment within, the power of Love shifts the consciousness. As each Soul accepts responsibility for their own BEING and holds the energy of LOVE in their heart, it is then, there shall be a mighty shift in the consciousness of our world.
It is important to not focus on the distractions and unrest, for the outside world is a reflection of the inner discontentment among mankind.
We are ONE of the Universal Stream of CONSCIOUSNESS and part of the ONE DIVINE SOUL. The shift is upon us all.
It is time to return to BEing of Unconditional Love and there shall BE PEACE on earth!”

~ SarahSpiritual~

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