2023 Forecast Session

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What Does 2023 Have in Store for You? SarahSpiritual’s 2023 Forecast Session is here! Are you wondering what 2023 will bring for YOU? New love, a new Career, more Abundance and a closer Connection with Spirit? Would you like a preview and receive some insight into 2023? Schedule a 2023 Forecast Session with SarahSpiritual and learn more about YOUR 2023!


2023 Forecast Session

Order by December 31 & SAVE!

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Can you imagine?
2022 is about to be in our rearview mirror!

As we look back at this past year, and even the years that preceded it…
What have you learned?
What would you like to shift moving into 2023?

What does 2023 offer you?
What should you look for as you navigate your journey of life?
What messages do your Angels and God
have for you?
How can you prepare for global changes?
What tools can assist you create the life you desire regardless of outside worldly influences?
How do you stay rooted in the truth of who you are and how do you remain aligned with God?

Let’s take a look…
Allow me to assist you and give you all the necessary clues for 2023.

Let’s walk into the New Year together with our hearts filled with Love and set the intentions for the best year yet!
Schedule a 2023 Forecast Session
with SarahSpiritual and learn more about
YOUR 2023!

SarahSpiritual’s 2023 Forecast provides insight into significant areas of your life. This session will explore key components of the following:
Spiritual Expansion
Love & Relationships
Work & Career
Money & Finances
Health & Well-Being
PLUS: Receive A Personal Channeled Spiritual Message regarding 2023 from Your Angels!

Reserve Yours Now!
New Year’s Scheduling Begins December 15
The 2023 Forecast can be done in-person at
the Expedito Enlightenment Center, by Phone or Video

Order by 12/31
2023 Forecast $97 on Sale!
Save $33 off the Retail Price of $130!

 Reserve Your 2023 Forecast Session!

SarahSpiritual’s 2023 Forecast makes a GREAT GIFT GIVING IDEA for a friend or family member that you know would like insight into THEIR 2023!

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