Archangel Assistance Class Download

$ 9.00

Archangel Assistance Class Download

Learn to Connect to the Four Archangels
Deepen your intuitive connection and understand how they can assist you in YOUR life

Build a Strong Connection with YOUR Archangels!

Your Archangels are waiting to guide & assist you and provide you with blessings.
All you have to do is ask!

In this new class with SarahSpiritual you’ll…
~ Learn who each of the Archangels are, what each one represents and what they do in the hierarchy of Angels.
~ Understand the Angelic Vibration, learning to identify the Archangels around you.
~ Learn how to work with Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.

– How to summon each one
– How to build a relationship with each one and experience their presence
– Understand the information and guidance each Archangel provides for key areas in your life.

Let your Archangels show you how to achieve Spiritual Protection, a deeper sense of Peace and greater Clarity!

This class includes a Guided Archangel Meditation designed to connect you with YOUR Archangels to receive their Guidance & Gifts!

Specially Priced at $9.00!



Archangel Assistance Class Download

SarahSpiritual created this Archangel Assistance Class Download learning download for you as part of your continued Spiritual learnings!

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