Create the Current of Money and Abundance Class Download

$ 9.00

Sarah teaches the words & actions to create a continual flow of Money & Abundance in all areas of your life. Learn how to focus your intentions and create your most prosperous year EVER!

Spirit has provided SarahSpiritual with the keys of abundance and the core principles for manifesting your financial & personal prosperity!

In this class Sarah teaches how to…
~ Shift Your Self-Talk About Money
~ Apply the Universal Laws of Abundance
~ Create NEW Streams of Abundance
~ Take the WORK” Out of Your Life and Allow Abundance to Flow
~ Co-Create Financial Freedom
~ Focus your intentions and tap into the POWER of selected decrees and rituals to attract Abundance

You will understand your Energetic Interaction with Money and how it affects your Prosperity. Remember, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

You’ll Learn How to Create MONEY & ABUNDANCE w/ the UNIVERSE

Specially Priced at $9.00!


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