Dream Bath

$ 10.00

A  bath for your dreams! 
This hand-blended Dream Bath is made of the finest ingredients and infused with SarahSpiritual’s Energy.  Use this bath to enhance and help remember your dreams.

 Pour entire bottle in a half tub of water & mix well. Relax in tub & meditate on Energies.



How To Use Our Dream Bath:

Tub Method: Mix the entire bottle in your tub full of water after your regular bathing. Get in the water for at least 7 minutes to make your prayer and intention request.

Shower method: Mix entire bottle well in a 3 gallon bucket, pour over your head while praying and setting your intention.

Allow yourself to air dry after either method of bathing with SarahSpiritual’s bath.

Additional information

Weight 9.9 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 2 × 2 in

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