Dream Mist

$ 10.00

SarahSpiritual brings you a Dream mist to help you remember your dreams! This hand-blended Mist is made using the finest herbs, essential oils, blessed waters.



Most people’s dreams during REM sleep have a story line, action that’s where we get auditory, visual, and even tactile kinds of experiences. Researchers also believe that REM sleep is crucial to problem-solving and sorting out meaningful vs. inconsequential events during the day. REM is said to be important to the consolidation and organization of memory, which is probably why students should get a good night’s rest before a big exam.

A succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

How To Use Our Mist:

Shake the Dream Mist bottle well & mist yourself and your surroundings! Use in your home, car, office, or anywhere that needs an Energy Shift!

Additional information

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

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