Evolve Oil

$ 10.00

SarahSpiritual brings you her Evolve Oil!

SarahSpiritual’s Evolve Oil holds a full bodied fragrance capturing the vibration of Spiritual Transformation & Evolution with notes of the essences of a proprietary blend of essential oils and premium grade fragrances.

This hand-blended Oil draws its potency from its the essences of its essential oils, fragrance oils and fresh dried herbs and the infusion of Sarah Spiritual’s Energy. The Evolve Oil has been designed by SarahSpiritual assist you in evolving spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

The Evolve Oil can be rubbed on the hands, used for candle dressing, anointing a petition parchment for setting intentions and also in an oil diffuser with water. Try placing a few drops in your bath!

The Evolve Oil’s 1/2 Oz bottle is convenient for use at home and on the go!

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