Learn To Connect with Your Spirit Guides Class Download

$ 9.00

Gather Your Spiritual Posse!

We all have Spirit Guides whose purpose is to guide and assist us on our life’s journey.
Call them your Spiritual Posse!
Learn to forge a strong connection with them!

In this new class with SarahSpiritual you’ll…
~ Learn to recognize the Spirit Guides around you
~ Learn how to establish a connection to your Guides
~ Understand how our Guides send us messages – what are the signs they use to communicate with us?
~ Receive messages and guidance from your Guides
~ Learn to HAVE FUN with your Spirit Guides – travel with your Posse!
~ Have your Guides align you with synchronistic events for your Greater Good

We’ll be doing a Guided Mediation where you’ll meet your Spirit Guides…
Hang out with your Spiritual Posse!

Specially Priced at $9.00!

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