LIVE ONLINE 2020 Fall Spiritual Presence Mastery Apprentice Program

This segment of the Spiritual Presence Mastery Program™ is designed to assist you on your path. It is a safe container for self realization, acceptance, emotional & spiritual expansion and deepening your relationship with your Creator.


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In the Spiritual Presence Mastery Apprentice Program we’ll be covering these and other topics:

Spiritual Divine Essence
Identify your unique spark of energy and the Divine within you. Discover the keys to your spiritual expression in this lifetime.

In this class you’ll learn to increase your psychic ability and strengthen your connection to the Masters. We will open the portal for messages to channel through you for personal spiritual ascension and to serve others. You are significant to this world as an individual and as part of the Collective Presence..

Ascended Masters and the Seven Rays
.Place your feet upon the unseen footprints of those who have walked before you.

Learn to access the seven streams of energy. The Seven Rays facilitate your journey and balance your Spiritual Energies

.Learn to walk in the energy of the Masters and the Collective consciousness. Embrace your own Mastery and Universal Participance.

Learn the Masters’ Energetic Encapsulation methodology to direct Energy for personal transformation and positive world change.

How can you catapult your personal and spiritual life during these challenging unprecedented times?

The Master Teachers deliver powerful channeled information through Sarah as to the MEANING of this period in mankind’s history and YOUR PART in the experience.

Understand your role in the World: your Purpose, WHY you reincarnated to be present during this tremendous time of change in the World.

Spirit Connections and Automatic Writing
Learn to identify energetic and emotional blocks in your connectivity. Deepen your Psychic Awareness, your God Connection and increase your Magnetic Field Energy.

Open the space to let your Guides and Angels speak through you. Surrender to the flow of Divinity and allow messages to be recorded in the written word. Sarah will show you how to open your energy, receive clear messages and awaken your channeling abilities with automatic writing. Each participant will be able to write and share a message with us all.

Angelic Powerful Healing & Pillars of Light – Connect, Direct and Anchor
.Access the energy of Archangel Michael, harness the Force of the Angels, work with our DIVINE PRESENCE ENERGY Grid for Healing and purification. Jointly with Archangel Michael, Anchor the Pillar of Light, the Torch of Energy upon the planet. Be the Keeper of the Light. Learn to transmute and transform the energy around you and send the light pillars out to transform and shift personal, local, national and international vibrations for the highest good. Command Divine Love and its rays to infuse the world with the harmonic frequencies which lead us back to our Source. Understand and learn to apply the Universal Laws of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Justice and Divine Healing to shift the Energy within your own life and transmute the Energy across the planet. The Age of Transformation is upon us: Be the Light Bearer you’ve come to be!


Here’s what you’ll be getting in this unique opportunity to study w/ SarahSpiritual:
~ 10 HOURS of LIVE Group Training w/ SarahSpiritual over 5 Sessions
~ Attend LIVE ONLINE ONLY! Participate FULLY no matter where you are!
~ Replay class video & audio ANYTIME

Limited spots available

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