SarahSpiritual Custom Bath

$ 45.00

A Personalized Bath Experience for YOU!

SarahSpiritual can create a custom, personalized bath experience tailored to YOUR specific needs based on guidance from Spirit.  Transform YOUR Energy with a Custom Bath experience from SarahSpiritual! 3 bottles will be sent to you to use over a 3 day period to achieve the proper results.

A SarahSpiritual Custom Bath is hand-blended from a proprietary blend of essential oils, herbs & premium grade fragrances and are infused with Sarah’s Energy.



How To Use Our SarahSpiritual Custom Bath:

Tub Method: Mix the entire bottle in your tub full of water after your regular bathing. Get in the water for at least 7 minutes to make your prayer and intention request.

Shower method: Mix entire bottle well in a 3 gallon bucket, pour over your head while praying and setting your intention.

Allow yourself to air dry after either method of bathing with SarahSpiritual’s bath.

There are 3 protocols in which to use this particular type bath which are shipped to you in 3 bottles to use over the course of 3 days.

Additional information

Weight 55.8 oz
Dimensions 7.875 × 7.5 × 2.5 in

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