Soul Integration™ Session


Are fragmented aspects of Your SELF hindering fulfilled living?
The SOUL INTEGRATION™ process by the THEO Group, Inc. can open the doorway to a fulfilled life.

Are you feeling stuck in your life, unable to progress? You’ve done all the “right” things to grow spiritually, but they don’t seem to be working for you. Manifesting a truly fulfilled life seems to be an elusive goal.

Have you ever considered that aspects of you are trapped in the past, clamoring to be released? These fragmented aspects do, in fact, exist and are considered to be “Orphans” by the consortium of 12 Archangels collectively known as THEO.

Orphans are fragmented, unresolved aspects of ourselves created by events in our lives and then abandoned along the way. Orphans can still affect us in our day-to-day lives by manifesting as fear, doubt, unworthiness, anger and other low-vibration emotions in times of change and stress.

The Soul Integration™ process by the THEO Group, Inc. makes contact with our Orphans, comforts them, and accepts them by INTEGRATING our Orphans with our larger SOUL. The end result is a fully integrated Soul ready to manifest the fulfilled life one desires!

SarahSpiritual is one of a handful of spiritual facilitators worldwide who have been certified as Soul Integration™ Practitioners by Sheila & Marcus Gillette and THEO. Sarah will assist you in identifying and working with your Orphans. She will guide you through the steps of the Process in a kind and nurturing manner leading to the integration of your Orphans with your Soul. It’s time to identify and nurture the resistance within and release conditioned beliefs.

Now is the time for Fulfilled Living. Let’s invite your Orphans to step into the future and embrace a safe, loving, fulfilled, joyous existence in the Moment of Now. Create the future you’ve always wanted to live!

This session will last approximately 60 minutes.



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