Twin Flame Manifestation Collection

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Attract YOUR Twin Flame with SarahSpiritual’s Twin Flame Collection!

~ The Twin Flame Manifestation Statement Parchment is designed to invoke the energy and amplify your intentions for your Twin Flame by writing them on this special Manifestation parchment. The Twin Flame Oil** may be used to anoint this parchment to strengthen the the attraction of your Twin Flame to you.    **External use only

~ The Twin Flame Mist, Oil & Bath hold a full bodied fragrance capturing the vibration of the Twin Flame Love match with notes of the essences of a proprietary blend of essential oils and premium grade fragrances. You can see the fresh herbs used in the The Twin Flame Oil!

~ The Twin Flame Mist comes in a convenient 2 Oz bottle to bring with you to attract your Twin Flame wherever you may be! Spray the Twin Flame Mist several times above your head & allow the mist to fall around you. For a few seconds, breathe it in. Use the Twin Flame Mist in working places, rooms, or shops, before meetings or before meeting your loved ones.

~ The Twin Flame Oil** anoints the included Twin Flame Manifestation Statement Parchment for intention setting, can be rubbed on the hands, used for candle dressing, and also in an oil diffuser with water. Contains essential oils, fragrance oils, & fresh dried herbs.    **External use only

~ The Rose Quartz Heart may be carried with you to attract Twin Flame Love or it may be placed on your Manifestation Grid or Altar.

SarahSpiritual’s product recipes are channeled directly from Spirit and infused with Sarah’s Love and Energy.

SarahSpiritual’s Twin Flame Manifestation Collection includes:
~ Twin Flame Bath
~ Twin Flame Mist
~ Sarah’s Special Twin Flame Oil
~ Rose Quartz Heart
~ Twin Flame Manifestation Statement Parchment



Attract YOUR Twin Flame with SarahSpiritual’s Twin Flame Manifestation Collection!

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