Unconditional Love Class

$ 9.99

Release old paradigms as you discover Unconditional Love in all aspects of your life!

Discover Unconditional Love in this new class with SarahSpiritual.  You’ll…

  • Awaken Unconditional Love in ALL your relationships
  • Create an Unconditional Love relationship with the Self
  • Discover Self-acceptance & return to your Divine Soul Self
  • Remember the state of Self-Perfection
  • Attract & sustain true authentic Love & Partnership
  • Discover the power of the union of Twin Flames
  • Create the space for reconnection with your sacred Twin Flame

You will come to Embrace Love’s Wholeness!

This class includes a meditation assisted by Archangel Chamuel where we:

  • Return to our Sacred Self of Unconditional Love
  • Embrace our God Self
  • Release past hurts & conditioning, freeing your Inner Being to be receptive to Self Love, the Love of others & your true Life Partner

Become One with Love’s Infinite possibilities & Universal Totality! Unconditional Love Class And Meditation!


SarahSpiritual created the Unconditional Love Class And Meditation download for you as part of your continued Spiritual learnings!

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