Hello Sarah, It’s Kim! as with the gentleman, I had to talked to you about that you had responded to below, he’s no longer MIA…I even told Jackie about it yesterday.

The last thing I told him was to imagine the violet flame around him no matter how whacked he thought it was.

I had purchased the violet flame candle from you to burn for him as well…and out of the blue his sister texted me from his phone and told me that he’s not ignoring me…talk about a load of bricks being lifted!

ALSO, when I had seen you at the expo, I had asked you about “love” since I have yet to experience it in this lifetime…and what you said at the retreat yesterday about “feeling” it

That is actually what I felt with him…I have never felt that…EVER. But I did with him, makes me say, “hmmmm….” it’s like we are together even when we are apart? 🙂

Loved the retreat, I did absolutely learn some things which is why I was probably sent to you, to further my knowledge and how to better work with spirit and energy, yes? 😉

Much Love to you Sarah from Kim and I shall see you soon, since I know where Okeechobee Blvd is now.


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