Pendulum Magic: Working with Pendulums 2019 Class Download

$ 9.00

Do you seek Clarity?
Would you like a “Yes ” or “No” answer and confirmation that your intuition is on target?

Learn to communicate & heal with a pendulum!

A pendulum is one of the simplest tools available for communicating with and obtaining guidance from the spiritual world. It can also be used for healing. In this class Sarah will teach how to use a pendulum to direct your questions to “higher” spirits and beings in order to receive truthful answers. You’ll also learn how to use a pendulum as a tool to identify and heal Energy imbalances in the body.

Join us for this fascinating Working With Pendulums class!

Specially Priced at $9!


SarahSpiritual created the Working with Pendulums download for you as part of your continued Spiritual learnings!

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