The Power of Love Class Download

$ 9.00

Tap Into the Power of LOVE, GRATITUDE & I AM with SarahSpiritual!

LOVE is the most powerful Energy in the Universe: Love is the Energy which governs the Universe and is the strongest energetic force.
GRATITUDE opens your Flow, aligns you with God, and creates Flow in all areas of your life.
The Power of I AM is transformational. It is the language of Creation which is directed and sustained by Love, free of limiting conditions. TRANSFORM your Energy & the Energy around you.

Release old paradigms as you discover Love’s POWER to TRANSFORM and CREATE in your life!

In this class we will align with 10 powerful aspects of Love:
~ Awaken your soul essence of LOVE
~ How to transform your conditioned Life to free authentic living.
~ Align to LOVE’S magnetic energy to attract loving, joyful, abundant experiences
~ Remain centered in love for all your relationships: partner, family, friends, co-workers
~ Discover Unconditional Self-love and acceptance
~ Remember the state of Self-Perfection
~ Attract & nurture & sustain true Divine Love Partnership.
~ Learn tools to release old relationship patterns to create your perfect romantic connection.
~ Discover the power of the union of Twin Flames
~ Create the space for re-connection with your sacred Twin Flame

You will come to Embrace Love’s Wholeness!

Includes a meditation assisted by Archangel Chamuel where we will:
~ Return to our Sacred Self ~ Embrace our God Self ~ Release past hurts ~ Free your Inner Being to be receptive to Love and your true Life Partner
Become One with Love’s Infinite possibilities & Universal Totality!

Specially Priced at $9.00!


The Power of Love Class Download

SarahSpiritual created this Power Of Love Class learning download for you as part of your continued Spiritual learnings!

Tap Into the Power of LOVE, GRATITUDE & I AM with SarahSpiritual! 

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