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Hi Sarah, I just had to write you to THANK YOU for your healing last night during your radio show. I called in, not thinking about asking you to help with the painful hip and leg pain I had been experiencing for the past two days. When you brought it up during the call, I was so surprised since I had never had pain in my left hip and leg before this although I have other back ailments. The healing you gave me, over the phone, was amazing and I felt it from the top of my head, moving down my spine and then relieving my leg. As I breathed in and out, I knew what you were doing was working. I need to tell you that I have not had any pain since your healing and can’t thank you enough. I had reached out to several of my physical therapist friends who told me there was nothing I could do for that type of pain…..but I guess they didn’t know you! Thanks again Sarah, you are a blessing to us all!