Spiritually Speaking…
There is no price nor sale for this gift. There is no box nor bag where it shall hide. There is no wrapping, or opening, nor big surprise.

I came to give you peace and joy. A wall of strength which will protect. It is a gift beyond your dreams, where hope abounds and fear is gone. This special gift has just one catch, a small hook you must unlatch. It is the faith I cannot give.

The faith of love can override the pain or fear which try to hide. I gift this gift not on this Holiday. It is a gift of long ago, of yet another day. The gift was given not by kings, or man, nor a joyous song which sings. The gift was placed in man’s own heart. A gift inside of you right from the start. You are me and I am you.

What you desire, your gift will do. Close your eyes and accept it’s true, for a piece of me is in you. There is no task too great, nor burden too large for your heart to have and hold. To activate this gift, believe and be bold. Do as I request and the gift will do all the rest.

Embrace your life, and celebrate your birth and disregard the strife. Choose with your heart the path for life. Live in faith, walk in light and smile. You see, the gift I gave, is the gift of life and you’ve had it all the while.

The Gift


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