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D H; Florida

Your energy is uplifting with a twist of reality. I’m  proud to have you as friend and spiritual advisor…  in some of the darkest moments you have been able to create a circle of light from the heavens to embrace our souls to be strong and move forward to all the new adventures to come. You can’t move forward if you choose to stand still. The way you inspire the spirit and motivate the soul is awesome.  Thank you.

Mary Sue

Dear Sarah, I just wanted to send this letter to THANK YOU so very much for the reading you did for me last week! I have to tell you I was expecting the reading to be good because I’ve known about you for years, but what actually happened was nothing short of AMAZING!! Not only did you call in my Guides and family, you were able to give me guidance based on information NO ONE even knew about but me! One of the most important aspects of the reading (which really surprised me) was when you talked about some issues involving my niece. This is an area that has been giving my brother and sister-in-law a lot of grief and heartache. They felt so much better after I gave them the messages you gave to me concerning her. They were both very relieved to know that our Grandmother (who was, and apparently still is, quite a feisty character!) is watching over my niece! Before I arrived, I wrote a list of things I hoped we would cover in the reading. I never showed it to you. Without realizing it, you covered EVERY single thing on my list, and more. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the gentle, but powerful Reiki you gave me at the end of the reading. I could actually FEEL the strong HEAT coming from your hands! It was such a powerful shift of Energy, that it took me a few minutes to become ‘settled’! AMAZING! THANK YOU again for sharing your gifts, for the pure and heartfelt way you deliver messages, and for your supreme kindness. Much LOVE and again, many thanks to you,


Sarah mentioned that my son (6 years old) who is having gastro issues would be OK; that the issue was with his esophagus. The next day was his endoscopy surgery and his doctor said it was his esophagus! My session was truth and hope.  Thank you so kindly.


AMAZING!  Saw my past exactly as it was!!! (I received a message from) my Grandma; I had Rosary Prayers above my head. Very accurate, good intentions, knew my past precisely, gave me hope. I know what I need to do now. Felipe


“I am very GRATEFUL and HONORED to write this recommendation for Sarah Spiritual, as a friend and my mentor. I first met Sarah when I attended an Expo in Fort Lauderdale. I went there seeking someone who was AS KNOWLEDGEABLE as I who would also be a great mentor in helping me channel my gifts more appropriately, which is hard to do in this world of “fakes”; and those wishing to generate revenue. Sarah picked up on me and truths about me right away, things only I could possibly know to be true. She is very down-to-earth and easy-going, with an awesome sense of humor and is extremely easy to work with. If you need direction in your life she knows exactly where to point you (she can be blunt too, no “skirting” or painting pretty pictures for her, if that is what a situation calls for ~ she is very honest and direct). That said, I am so very grateful she has been my “cattle prod” in pointing me in the right direction since I have been down here in south Florida, more-so with reassurance that I am headed in the right direction and mentoring/teaching me on how to further enhance my God-given gifts bestowed upon me in this lifetime. Our paths have DEFINITELY crossed for a reason and I am very grateful and blessed to have her in my life! I absolutely HIGHLY recommend you reach to her in any situation where life is posing confusion and questions for you and you do not know which way to go…as she is very much a LIGHT.”